Which of these two-time zone replica watches do you prefer?

The GMT function is also called the dual time zone. As the name implies, it is a wristwatch that can display the time in two places. It is beneficial for business people traveling everywhere and traveling abroad. Usually, an inner ring/outer ring is set on the replica watch, or a separate dial is used to indicate the time. In the picture, the red needle (or any other color needle) points to 23 in China. When you arrive in Canada, the time difference is 12 hours, you can turn the clock to Canadian time, and the GMT hour hand still points to Chinese time. It gives you two time zones.

Rolex GMT Master 16720 Auto 40mm

Rolex GMT Master 16720 Auto 40mm

Comments on Watches:

The two Rolex GMTS are steel and have black plates, making them memorable. These two watches are also recommended because of their unique appearance. The watch continues the classic design elements of the Rolex GMT collection with a new date display window at three o ‘clock. The diameter of the eye is 40mm, oyster steel is used to make the case, and the wire drawing treatment, the side of the ear is polished by the polishing process; the whole has a sense of layers.

The Arabic numerals are coated with a luminous coating, which is reasonably practical. The GMT pointer uses a black-and-white color contrast. This watch supports multiple time zone displays, and the hour hand can adjust independently of the GMT function. Other time zones can be read using a 24-hour scale pointer and a bidirectional rotating bezel equipped with a 24-hour indicator.

Rolex GMT Master II 116710 Auto Man 40mm

Comments on Watches:

This watch is the most classic style of the GMT series. Equipped with the GMT function, this watch can display the local time and synchronize the time of other time zones. It is also of high appearance. The diameter of the eye is 40mm, and the case is 316 stainless steel, with a flat black Circular dial design worn between the wrist that is very textured.

The three o ‘clock position has a date display function. The bezel is black and white; this collocation is the most classic fashion.

As we all know, the Gmt Master collection is a collection of many classic Rolex elements: graduated outer ring, calendar window, Oyster watch band, half a century unchanged design, inherits the myth of Rolex. Wrist watch equipped with a 24-hour pointer and independently adjustable pointer, 12 hours in the wristwatch functioning at the same time; setting the time in another time zone, simply than Greenwich mean time zones setup table, can let people across time zones is more convenient to know target region time and local time, so often travel across time zones and business people who work on it is very popular.

Travelers can tell the local time through a pointer on the surface. The watch uses a cleverly designed independent timer; the wearer can easily adjust the time through the chain crown, and it will not affect the operation of the minute hand and second hand or the first zone display. As a result, travelers can read the location and departure time simultaneously, using a 24-hour display that separates day from night. If necessary, turn the outer circle of the progressive scale corresponding to the hour to display the time in the third time zone at any time. The 24-hour pointer indicates the time of the time zone on the outer circle. Travelers can read the location and the time of departure at any time.

Overall, these GMT replica watches are a perfect, classic look. Our website is a 1:1 perfect replica of these three watches; if you are interested in these replica watches, you can click the link above to choose and buy!

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