Is there a physical level of performance with both motion-copy watches?

Sports watch appearance level is high, diversified style, no matter what age watch friends, you can find a suitable for their own sports copy watch. This article will recommend three cost-effective sports replica watches for friends. With this demand, friend, you can pay more attention.

Rolex Cellini 5310 Quartz Lady 25mm

Watch Review:

This Rolex Cellini copy watch, the overall design style is simple and clean, the diameter of the eye is 25 mm, the case is made of white gold material, a large area of brushed processing so that the watch looks very layered. The dial uses the combination of Arabic numeral time scale + stick time scale, as well as the arrow pointer. It is equipped with a black crocodile leather strap, giving a powerful sense of sport. In addition to the appearance of high appearance level, the watch’s movement is also excellent, equipped with automatic chain movement, a power reserve of 70 hours, and a waterproof watch of 100 meters.

Rolex Cellini August 21 Shi Ying lady 26mm

Watch Review:

The Rolex Cellini reprint has a diameter of 26mm with a gold case and a black leather strap. Walking can be very accurate. Watch waterproof 100 meters; the white Roman numerals dial is very classic fashion and rich personality.

Rolex Cellini 5310 Automatic Ladies 40MM

Watch Review:

In terms of appearance level, this Cellini reproduction watch is more suitable for young people’s aesthetics. The diameter of the eye is 40 mm, and the case is made of fine steel. The white dial, with a solar design, is inlaid with Arabic numerals and a round timepiece paired with a brown crocodile strap, and the polished hands are silver-plated. They are equipped with automatic chain movement, the movement of high quality, waterproof watch 300 meters.

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